Vision, Mission, Goals

Our Mission

To proactively identify and advise members of WCB-related issues that may impact member organizations and provide unified, quality representation of employer stakeholders on matters involving the workers' compensation system to various levels of government, the Workers' Compensation Board, and partner agencies. Relevant matters include WCB legislation and policy, and other WCB related issues impacting legislation, regulations, policy and funding.



    We look for enhanced ways of doing business and evaluating/adapting to the operational and cultural changes in the WCB, among employers and in the workforce.


    Our strength is in our members. Teamwork and involvement of our members is critical as we strive to unlock the expertise and broaden experience of members.


    We are dedicated to progressive issue resolution approaches. Through leadership and adopting a hands on approach not only do we provide ideas or suggestions, we facilitate solutions.


    We provide a respectful venue for our members & guests and are a forum that listens to and strives to address the applicable needs of our members.

Association GOALS

  • To promote a fair, balanced and sustainable workers’ compensation system.
  • To be a strategic partner of the Workers’ Compensation Board, Appeals Commission, and Government through consultation on matters impacting Alberta employers.
  • To provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of member concerns and views on issues related to the Alberta workers’ compensation system.
  • To be an information resource for members of the ITF Association on policies, programs, and issues relating to the Alberta workers’ compensation system