Association Information

The Industry Task Force on Alberta Workers’ Compensation” was established in 1983 to represent the concerns and positions of Alberta’s employers on workers’ compensation matters.  A formal Association was formed in November 1990, and the ITF (Industry Task Force) Association was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1999. Members of the ITF Association include a cross section of major industry sectors operating in the Province of Alberta.

Although priorities, trends and emergent issues have changed over the years, the ITF Association has remained an actively engaged, knowledgeable and participating stakeholder in all matters related to Workers’ Compensation in Alberta.  Over the years resources have been devoted to:

  • consultation and collaboration on and implementation of changes to legislation, policy and regulations,

  • ensuring the workers compensation system is responsive to changing changing economic and employment circumstances

  • advocating for the introduction of services to support employers in the appeal process,

  • sustainability of the workers compensation system and development of a formula for establishing the employer experience rating threshold, and

  • monitoring trends and raising issues impacting quality of service.

We accomplish this by maintaining real, viable and respectful relationships with the leadership team of the Workers’ Compensation Board, Appeals Commission and Ministry of Jobs, Economy & Trade.