The ITF (Industry Task Force) Association was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1999 and works collaboratively to effect positive change in legislation, policy, programs and practices by representing the views of Alberta employers who are members of the ITF Association on matters related to Workers’ Compensation in Alberta.

Our 12 Industry Association members and 57 Corporate members represented In excess of 55% of WCB premiums paid, and 41% of WCB Alberta insurable earnings in 2023.

Employer NEWS

  • WCB Policy Consultation
    Consultation is currently open on Occupational Hearing Loss. WCB is proposing changes to Policy 03-01, Part II, Application 5 to provide additional guidance [read more]
  • WCB Job Connections Website
    Employers can access the WCB Training on the Job program (TOJ) for placement of WCB claimants.  TOJs offer wage subsidy, retraining funding and liability [read more]
  • WCB Fit for Work Dashboard
    This new tool is now available to all employers with a MyWCB Clams Administrator role and can be accessed right from LCR. ITF members were involved in piloting [read more]
  • WCB Employer App
    Employers can now manage their WCB account with the Employer Mobile App. Features include requesting a clearance, reporting injuries, paying premiums and more. [read more]
  • Advisor Office
    The Advisor Office for Alberta Workers’ Compensation provides appeal related services to workers and employers at no cost. Representatives are available to met [read more]

Quarterly Membership MEETINGS

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Subcommittee MEETINGS


Membership in the ITF Association provides employers with an opportunity to directly influence the direction of workers' compensation in Alberta. For 2024, the ITF Association has registered 12 Industry Association members and 57 Corporate members representing a wide range of employers and industries. Our members represented in excess of 55% of WCB premiums paid and 41% of WCB Alberta insurable earnings in 2023.

Members participate in an active network of professionals many of whom have extensive knowledge and expertise in WCB related matters and who routinely share leading edge information and best practice from an employer perspective.

More About ITF

ITF Association Members


    strategically to the WCB legislative and policy framework


    with decision makers including the WCB Board of Directors, Executive and senior administrators, as well as officials from the Appeals Commission and Government Ministers responsible for various aspects of workers' compensation in Alberta


    timely information and have an opportunity to discuss proposed or pending regulatory and policy changes


    in a network of knowledgeable professionals with a shared interest in matters related to workers compensation in Alberta


    information on WCB and OH & S practices that can reduce the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses.