ITF Association

Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers

ITF (Industry Task Force) Association 

Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers

2018 Priorities

Priorities of the ITF Association are set annually by the membership in November of each year.  In addition to specific actionable items, the list also includes items the ITF Association monitors through regular review of statistical and other information as well as initiatives that support member development.



Tier 1 – Actionable Priorities 

  1. Consultation and implementation of Bill 30 and associated policy and operational changes arising from the WCB Review
  2. Termination of employment while on modified work
  3. WCB Funding Policy and surplus distribution
  4. Workplace Health & Safety Funding and Budget
  5. Engagement with government
  6. Exploration of a working relationship with the WCB Labor Coalition
  7. Facilitate discussion of a 3 day grace period for LTC recording
  8. Raising awareness among Alberta employers on WCB account/case management and cost containment strategies
  9. Personal coverage for Directors of Corporations
  10. Physician Accountability in the return to work process and employer reporting 
  11. Recruitment of new members
  12. Invitation of guests to ITF Association meetings including the Minister responsible for the WCB, Chair of the WCB Board of Directors and WCB Board members, Chief Appeals Commissioner, Deputy Minister & Assistant Deputy Minister and WCB Medical Director and Alberta Medical Association representatives


Tier 2 – Monitoring Priorities 

  1. Quality of Service – monitor case manager/adjudicator training (quality, length of time and consistency of decisions)
  2. WCB Strategic Business plan & Corporate Scorecard results
  3. WCB Legislation, policies and procedures, policy consultation, and Board of Directors minutes
  4. Awareness generated by WCB for employer services (the Office of Appeals Advisors and Fair Practices Office)
  5. Cost Relief (fair & consistent application)
  6. WCB Data integrity – reliability and usefulness of stats for OH&S reporting and WCB audit processes
  7. Occupational Disease
  8. Appeals Commission Statistics, procedures and processes


Tier 3 – Member Education


  1. Facilitate sharing of expertise among ITF Association members
  2. Incorporation of educational opportunities and resources in the Members only Website