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Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers

ITF(Industry Task Force)  Association 

Effecting positive change in Workers’ Compensation through the views of Alberta employers 

Some Recent Successes 


States of Emergency

Following concerns raised by ITF members regarding the impact on modified work and claim costs arising from the evacuation of Fort McMurray during the Wood Buffalo fire, the WCB initiated a policy consultation and proposed amendments to two policies.  

The ITF was successful in advocating for the policy to include both provincially as well as locally declared states of emergency and for the application of cost relief.


Rate Setting Methodology

In 2016 the WCB requested ITF feedback on three proposed changes to rate setting methodology for 2017. After consideration members supported alignment of the MPCC with Maximum Insurable Earnings as well as a change to classification of two types of claim costs.  

ITF did not support the proposed change to the experience rating window for fatalities (the WCB proposed a 10 year window rather than the existing 5 year window).  After discussion with ITF members, the WCB did not move forward with implementing the increase in the experience rating window.


Experience Rating Claim Cost Threshold

ITF initiated discussion and worked collaboratively with the WCB to introduce a new model for establishing the employer experience rating claim cost threshold that increased the 2016 threshold amount to $1300.00 and achieves a better balance between employer ability to effectively manage WCB claim costs and WCB experience rating principles.  

The threshold was increased to $1400.00 for 2017 as a result of the formula for ongoing review also agreed to under the new model.


Employer Appeals Consulting (EAC) Service 

ITF made it a priority for several years to secure WCB appeal advisors for Alberta employers.  As a result of our discussions with WCB, they now offer the Employer Appeals Consulting Service (EAC) to help employers seeking assistance in initiating a WCB claim decision appeal.

pdf Employer Consulting Service (EAC) Fact Sheet (220 KB)


Return to Work Incentive for COR Holders

WCB’s Proposed Return-To-Work Incentive for COR Holders was not implemented after a number of ITF initiatives.  ITF recommended an extension to the WCB online consultation, as well as in-person meetings.  ITF and its membership made a number of submissions during the process, ensuring the voices of Alberta employers were heard.