Fair Practices Office

As an independent office, the Fair Practices Office (FPO) provides an important “check and balance” on the WCB and other parts of the workers’ compensation system. Established December 3 2018, the FPO helps ensure the system treats workers and employers fairly.  Services to employers include:

  •  Resolution: We will seek resolution with the Workers’ Compensation Board on behalf of the employer.
  •  Advice and education: We can offer advice and education on all claim and account related matters.
  •  Representation: We can provide formal representation on behalf of the employer at all levels of appeal.

 If you need assistance with a WCB appeal or have questions about FPO services please contact the Fair Practices Office by completing the online request form on the FPO website (fpoalberta.ca) or by calling 1-866-427-0115.